The Zerging in PvP of Albion Online

December 30th, 2015

In open world PvP in Albion Online, as in real world warfare, numbers matter. 


However, if fights are decided by numbers only, this makes for a poor game experience. 


We have the following game mechanics to reduce the advantage of larger numbers in PvP


Already implemented and subject to fine tuning

Focus Fire/Focus Healing reduction: we already have a system in place that reduces the effectiveness of focus fire and focus healing by reducing the damage / healing the target receives if being damaged / healed by a large number of players at the same time.


Cap on AoE Healing: All AoE healing spells have a cap on the maximum number of players that they can heal


No Cap on AoE Damage: AoE damage spells do not have a cap on how many players they can damage at the same time.



Escaling AoE Spells: We will have AoE spells that do more harm to each player the more players are hit with the help of Albion Online Gold. To illustrate the principle, if you hit 3 players with a meteor, each of them could take 300 damage. If you hit 6, each of them could take 600 damage. (with a cap somewhere of course). This principle can be applied to different spells, such as crowd control, damage or debuffs.


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