The Scorching Sands of Blade & Soul

January 18th, 2016

As you stumble your way through the heat of The Scorching Sands desert, you faintly hear the sound of weapons clashing in the distance. The exhaustion from the blaring sun and struggle against the sand quickly fades away by the echoes of battle. Sprinting towards the battlefront you notice that the fight is between the Bamboo Guards and the Blackram Marauders, both being factions you helped early on in your travels. You want to assist in the fight but you’re conflicted as to which side to choose… You look through your bags and notice a uniform at the bottom – which uniform will you equip?



Equip a Blackram Marauder Uniform or Bamboo Guard Uniform and head into world PvP against other players within The Scorching Sands of Cinderlands.


Event Schedule:

The event will be held on December 11. The start and appearance times for members of the NCWest team for each server are posted below to Buy BNS Gold. There is no end time for the event so players can engage in the open world PvP for as long as they’d like.


EU Servers - Channels 3 & 4

Soha:  11am PST / 7pm UTC

Yusung:  11:30am PST / 7:30pm UTC

Myo:  12pm PST / 8pm UTC


NA Servers - Channels 3 & 4

Mushin:  3pm PST / 11pm UTC

Jiwan: 3:30pm PST / 11:30pm UTC

Iksanun:  4pm PST / 12:00am UTC



1. Must obtain and equip a Blackram Marauder’s Uniform or Bamboo Guard Uniform to engage in open world PvP during this event.

The Blackram Maurader’s Uniform can be obtained by completing the quest “Blackram Interrogator” from Nabonsa in Jadestone Village.

The Bamboo Guard Uniform can be obtained by completing the quest “Dressed to Kill” from Ryuna in Gloomdross Lookout, then you may need Blade & Soul Power leveling.

2. Head to The Scorching Sands location marked in the above image and enter Channels 3 and 4 (ESC > Select Channel).

3. Equip either a Blackram Marauder or Bamboo Guard uniform and engage in player vs player combat.

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