Will we get these changes in the Western version

January 21st, 2016

Recently, Korea's BnS received a gigantic skill patch that completely revamped the skill cycles of a lot of the classes.


For example, Force Masters received some huge buffs:

-Blaze Palm now inflicts the burning status for 6 seconds

-Flame Lotus now inflicts burn for 10 seconds

-Frost Palm now costs 1 Chi at all levels

-Damage of the Flame Dragon Blast has been greatly increased


Among others. This means that under this new patch, force masters practically don't need force blast anymore to inflict burn, while in the current version, it was absolutely essential.


Blade Dancers also received a lot of buffs in their storm tree, to increase the utilization of underused skills:

-Greatly increased damage of storm cleave

-Greatly increased damage of sequence slash

-Greatly increased attack speed of sequence slash


Blademasters also received several buffs:

-added elemental damage to Draw

-significantly increased damage to Draw

-added elemental damage to Flash Draw

-significantly increased damage to Flash Draw


Shamans and summoners received some nerfs. KFMs and assassins stayed about the same.


Will we receive these skill updates in the western version too? Or will we be stuck with the outdated version of the skills without Blade And Soul Gold? Considering the PvP potential, I think it's important for us to get the latest updates to the skills, even if our levels are limited to 45.

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