The Warlock in Blade & Soul

January 20th, 2016

During the beta we all have to play a different class we don't enjoy that much because warlock isn't available . mmorpg  is very time and effort consuming,it's a long process of accumulation from daily grind, we need to feed up all  gears, weapon, accessories from level 1 to the max with tons of materials and golds .for people like us don't have the effort to play multiple classes, it suddenly turn into a situation of playing this game or Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. it is just so annoying we have to play another class we don't enjoy as a filler until warlock is released, then start all over again from the beginning.   the founder pack also feels unnecessary since the class attracted us to the game won't be there for who knows how long.


Blocking contents and releasing them little by little it's good so people won't rush too fast get bored too quickly, but block a class it's preventing some people joining the game. i rather have all classes ready at launch, and then having constant level/ map/ dungeon updates , so people like my friends won't feel like a waste of time putting all the time and money into a class that they don't like waiting for the one they truly love, until patience runs out. 


Any time they put into another class while they wait for Warlock won't be wasted. Just go into it knowing that this is not your "real" main, and save up stuff for the Warlock so you can hit the ground running. In any case playing different classes is the best way to learn how to fight them in PvP. This way when Warlock does release, you will have at least one class that you know the ins and outs of when you fight.


Warlock cannot be put in at launch. It is too powerful, and would completely destroy any competitive scene the game night have initially. No other class could stand against a Warlock at level 45, with skills balanced around people being level 50 20 Hongmoon levels.


My friends are having concerns if warlock is bundled with level 50, what should they do when pohwaran /shark harbor and mushin tower release. they have to grind and upgrade their weapon/ accessories up to at least  Thousands Souls level, so they are not totally useless in the 45 endgame dungeon to Buy BNS Gold, especially when we have sandbox, people will kick them for not having good gears, plus they won't be able to do mushin tower if they tries to save up all the gold. they also won't be qualified to farm for secret skill books. if that happens  who knows how long it will last until warlock is released so they can play for real. it will be totally not fun to play.

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